Projekte um den Indischen Tanz

Schwarz sehen - weiss fühlen | 2012

Kathak - Contemporary Dance Piece

Colors of life are a beautiful blend of Schwarz & Weiss

Life is entirely our viewpoint about how we see things. Are challenges, hardships, trials and atrocities the black side of our Life? Or are these the sources of “inner wisdom”? Why are we sinking in the darkness rather than emerging with the glorious Hope? Why can’t we control the dark instincts deep within us? Isn’t our personality defined by the blend of Schwarz & Weiss forces within us?

Schwarz sehen - weiss fühlen - Tanzstück

Schwarz sehen & weiss fühlen is a Kathak-Contemporary dance piece exposing the naked truth of life: “Colors of life are a beautiful blend of Schwarz & Weiss”

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5 ELEMENTS | 2011

Indisch-zeitgenössisches Tanzstück der is an ensemble of Indian classical and contemporary dancers in the outdoor scene in Germany and Switzerland, under the artistic direction of Poonam Shyam and Anne Dietrich. The production portraying the timeless culture worshiping the absolute cosmic elements from which life evolves. The elements – Ether, Water, Fire, Wind and Earth are deified, as they are believed to be protectors of life ‘jeevan tatva’. The Classical thought of the Five elements has its roots in the ancient scriptures in the Western as well as the Indian world. The dance presentation is a contemporary adaptation of the classical dance Kathak showcasing – Akash or Ether, the first element blessing us with space – a void, not a null void, but pregnant with possibilities of positive vibrations of all types.


Then is Vayu or Wind – the living force – which the whole living world breathes in and survives! The third subtle element is Agni or Fire – giving warmth, assuring the potential of existance of creativity! Jal or Water, is the next one – pacifying the excess energy of Agni, and also quenching the thirst of living beings, giving them life! The last and the most stable of the elements, Prithvi or Earth – the holding ground, the base for all life, the meaningful culmination of all the previous four elements into practical existance! The choreography is an invocation to these elements, seeking blessings for a harmonious existence converging into prosperity.

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Classical Indian Dance Piece of SRIJAN

The dance piece is an experience of the journey from getting acquainted to the sounds within yourself motivating the joy of movement and experiencing the colours of emotions through the language of Indian Classical Dance. Anubhuuti is an expression of the celebration of dance holding the common threads in the language of Indian Classical dances – Kathak and Mohiniyattam and also the Contemporary Dance style.


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SPIRIT | 2009

Indo-German Dance Piece of and SRIJAN

Artistic Expression as Key to Foreign Culture

An Indo-German dance project undertaken by Srijan in association with was lead by Anne Dietrich and Poonam Shyam depicting the essence of “Spirituality” through the Indian as well as the Western point of view.

SPIRIT | 2009

The 80 minutes performance comprised of Mohiniyattam, Kathak and the contemporary styles of dancing showcasing spiritual outlook with the common threads as well as the contrasts in the three languages of dance. It was a dialogue on the meaning of spirituality for different individuals, ending on the common grounds of self discovering.


Article: How it all begann’

Supported by ZEOK e.V. Leipzig!

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